Get the Facts About Sun Basket Before You Join

If you’re considering joining a meal kit delivery program, the many options can confuse you and lead to more questions than answers. First, which program has the best foods? Which is most affordable? How do you know that you’ve selected a program that delivers fresh foods? It is easy to get the facts before you join and by taking the time to learn, you can ensure that you are in the program that surpasses your needs.

Sun Basket is one of the awesome meal kit delivery services that serves many people in the U.S. The company opened in 2014 but in those three years has risen to the top of the industry. Many people subscribe to the service and enjoy the freedom to prepare meals that they normally would not. There is many perks of SB when compared to the other kit delivery services. Take a look at a few important facts about this company.

·    Sun Basket was founded by Justine Kelly, an award-winning chef and Iron Chef contestant

·    The company is the only USDA -certified organic service

get the facts

·    Choose form a ‘Classic’ and a ‘Family’ meal kit plan

·    Kits designed specifically for those on a Paleo diet, gluten-free diet, and the Mediterranean diet

·    SB delivers their meal kits to eight different states

·    SB uses zero-waste packing and uses recyclable liners

·    Chef Kelly creates all the recipes for the meal kits

If you enjoy saving money, the company makes that simple. You can find several awesome coupons that significantly reduce the amount of money you will spend to join the program. Anyone with an interest can use the discount coupons and dramatically reduce their out-of-pocket expenses.

Although there are dozens of meal kit delivery services now available, Sun Basket is one that is deserving of your time and attention. Learn more about the program and you will understand why so many people are joining and loving every second of their membership. If you’ve ever wanted to change the way that you live for the better, utilizing this meal kit program is a worthwhile decision.