6 Times it is Important to Call Toronto’s Absolute Draining & Plumbing

Do you need a plumbing professional? A plunger or plumber’s snake can solve many issues experienced in the home, but there are still many issues that require the expertise and skill set only the licensed, professionals at Toronto’s Absolute Draining & Plumbing to fix. It is important to phone the professionals before the trouble has time to worsen and cause more frustrations (and out of pocket expense.) If any of the six issues below find their way into your home, make sure you quickly pick up that phone and get help fast.

1- No Water

Without water, you won’t be able to do so much as wash your hands, much less tend to the big tasks like washing clothes and showering. It is always an emergency situation if there isn’t any water coming from the pipes. A blocked water main, clogged pipes, and many other concerns can result in a waterless home.


2-Improper Water Pressure

Whether The water pressure is too low to suffice your needs or so high that it threatens to blow you away every time the water is turned on, a problem with the water pressure in the house is cause to call the pros. Improper water pressure is a sign of trouble somewhere within your plumbing system. Get help quickly.

3- Gas Smells

The smell of gas is not one that you should never ignore. Immediately evacuate your home, along with other family members and the pets, call the utility company and call a plumber. Do not wait to complete these steps. A gas smell is always a danger!

4- No Hot Water

When the hot water you love so dearly is playing a game of hide and seek, it is time to pick up the phone and call for help. Most often no hot water is a problem caused by issues with the water tank. A trained plumbing professional can work through the problem fairly easily.

5- Backflow

Backflow indicates your septic tank is full and needs pumped. Backflow is the process of feces and urine coming back into the home through the pipes.

6- Busted Pipes

A busted pipe is always an emergency situation that requires the hell of a skilled plumber. Even what seems like a small issues leads to big problems if it is left to progress. Your home can be ruined quickly in no time. Do not take this risk.